I figure for now this will just be a running commentary on the state of the universe as seen from my little corner of it. Since my little corner is in northeast Arkansas that's where I see it from.

Been away quite a bit from time to time, military service and a lot of business travel before I retired. Recently relocated to a quiet little undisclosed location, near enough the city it's not inconvenient to go there as often as I need but far enough away to not have to worry what goes on there. Except when I'm there obviously.

I suppose it's pretty much the same everywhere these days, what they call news. How people know what's going on in the world and where they live. One of the reasons I put this site up there isn't much of a way for people in small-town and rural areas to talk about things. Sure, you got Facebook, put up pictures of your kids and pets and new car and such but if you say stuff they don't like they remove it or put you in jail. During the Plandemic they made it clear you were not to say anything contrary to the official narrative. Twitter-now-X-formerly-known-as-Twitter did the same thing, luckily Elon Musk bought it and opened it up and then showed just how dirty our government is. Some of us already knew it but sadly a of people don't pay attention. So they get away with it.

And anything you put on Facebook and other social media sites stays there forever. If you think you delete something and it's gone think again. One of the main purposes of those sites is to collect data. Mainly for sale to advertisers but it's there if anyone else wants it and is willing to pay or if it's the government they'll just ask for it and get it. In every case the data is being harvested constantly and being stored for future use by someone. Some of those someones might - if they already haven't - deem you dangerous. You can be sure those 87,000 new IRS agents will have your social media activity added to your dossier. That new car you put on Faceook or Instagram, your latest trip to Cancun or Vail? They're in there. Your shopping history at Amazon? Yep.

So staying away from the mainstream is a good idea. That's where most of he data harvesting is done. Of course having an account for misdirection might be a good idea, put up pics of puppies and sunsets and flowers and say you don't care about politics or religion or quantum physics or anything else that might be controversial.

And now that I've done gone and raised my vast right-wing conspiracy nutjob flag I'll get on with the nuttery.