Sites of some friends

Now that I'm retired and have time I fool around with things that amuse me... 

Some years ago there was a website called Topix.  It was quite popular, and could occasionally be useful for local information in near real time.  Unfortunately it became, as unmoderated forums usually do, unusable for normal people. 

If the regular folks in northeast Arkansas would like something like that back, have a chat with the administrator at  I haven't kept the SSL cert updated so depending on your browser you may get a warning.  If it begins to get used regular-like I'll start keeping it updated. 

I put up a quickie template for now.  If anyone is interested in working on it, I'm cool with Wordpress or something similar.  I'm partial to homebrew coding myself, done it for thirty-something years, but I'm an ole geezer that likes knowing how all the innards work. 

Gimme a holler, or if you like just set up an account at the forum, see if anyone else shows up to chat with. 

I ain't especially rich, but I'll pop for the expenses (domain registration, hosting, etc.) to get it going.  If someone wants to put up a Wordpress news site, I'll let them have the ad revenue. 

Some blogs and news
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